A Voice For Unplugging

I came across this video earlier this morning and thought you all might enjoy it. It's a fine rant about unplugging and enjoying what's going on in the present moment. (note: some strong language). It's easy to get caught up in the Social Media buzz train, but until we step back and look around we may forget what it is we are missing... Unplug for a moment to look around at your family and friends, to look around at nature and … [Read More...]

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11 Ways To Live A Long & Happy Life

A Long & Happy Life – Eleven Ways

Everywhere you go in the world you'll find that people just want to be happy, I know that sounds like a given but being happy can often take work and a plan. Think about your own life, are you happy often, sometimes or rarely? … [Read More...]

Breaking Patterns | Unfolding Leadership

Arduously Breaking Patterns

  A Phoenix of Opportunity - Breaking Patterns It will come as no surprise to most that our lives consist of intertwined pattens of behavior. When I awoke this morning I stumbled my way downstairs saying hello to the cat … [Read More...]

forgiveness is power

Where Is Your Forgiveness?

Forgiveness is not at this moment in Earth's history a concept that holds much value, at least not much value with most people. In country after country new laws are passed daily criminalizing some action some group doesn't like … [Read More...]

Where Did The Present Go?

Where Did The Present Go?

Is Time Speeding Up? Unless you live somewhere where technology has yet to penetrate it's likely a day won't go by where you aren't reminded to Be in the Present or Stay in the Present. It seems that in windows of every bookstore, … [Read More...]

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How to Procrastinate

Here at The #wonderist, we’re no strangers to procrastination station.  For us it’s almost a competitive sport – like how many hours of Mad Men can I squeeze in before I absolutely have to write my next post?  Can I fill a jar with jelly beans … [Read More...]

teaching kids mindfulness

How To Just Be -Teaching Kids

#parents and #teachers are not wrong for wanting these desired behaviors in #kids; they are just unskillful in their approach. It is easy to get frustrated with a child who just isn't calming down, but the truth is, many kids have never … [Read More...]

just show up

Just Show Up

I spent 15 years working at nonprofit organizations. I have worked at large organizations (50+ on staff) and small ones (5 on staff). I have volunteered at countless others and I continue to do so today. I have seen nonprofits function in all … [Read More...]

Northern Lights

Light In Your Soul – Stars In The Sky

Sometimes soul, human soul, flashes across the sky at night in a gorgeous display of color and wonder. But you have to be graced with eyes that see such moments. Those #moments when we find a sense of human flair in nature's artistry are rare … [Read More...]

Clark Little

Creativity and The Four-Lip Monster

How A Basic Decorating Need Launched A Career We don't often run into the great breakthrough for our #creativity by way of a simple home decorating demand but apparently, it does happen. Not only that, but the sheer fun and enjoyment makes … [Read More...]

sign post bike lock

Turn Every Sign Post Into A Bike Rack

A simple design from UK-based Smartstreets might help: The Cyclepark, made of two metal loops, hooks around existing lampposts and street signs to provide extra bike parking on every block. “By making use of what’s already there, you’re not … [Read More...]

Showing Kindness Is Hard… Think About It

George Saunders's Graduation Speech On #kindness Or, to look at it from the other end of the telescope: Who, in your life, do you remember most fondly, with the most undeniable feelings of warmth? It’s a little facile, maybe, and … [Read More...]

wasting less

Take A Moment To Consider Simplicity

Less Can Be More The Becoming #minimalist page has grown from 25K fans in February, 2013 to over 120K today. I’m very grateful for the response and the opportunity it has provided to expand the influence of this blog and the message of … [Read More...]